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Playing in Las Vegas can be fun...

2013-05-25 21:59:17 by TrueWolf123

Until 3 female nudists come up to you and the band and wants to fuck you...
My wtf moment.


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2013-05-25 22:18:13

How'd that work out for ya man lmao

TrueWolf123 responds:

It was rather strange....
Was talking to a friend of mine on the laptop, and I declined. My friend accepted, but she got bored of him later on in the night and approached me to ask again. I said yes, but when I went to the bedroom in the hotel where she waited, there was already 2 guys getting it, so I just left. xD


2013-05-25 22:29:10

Cool story bro
They look nice? Nudists usually aren't

TrueWolf123 responds:

Surprisingly they were....
Eh, except for one.


2013-05-25 22:46:21

I too am wondering the same thing that steve asked.

TrueWolf123 responds:

Answer is below vv


2013-05-27 09:18:17

Ahah....having fun I see?

TrueWolf123 responds:

Shut it, night. :D


2013-05-27 10:06:08

So what did you do? ._.

TrueWolf123 responds:

lol..i meant i answered destro.

Oh and the next day got better!
It was different one's so i said, "To hell with it."
And yeah


2013-05-27 13:06:46

a wtf moment indeed lol

TrueWolf123 responds:



2013-05-27 15:36:47

Ooooh. Sorry to hear about the woman-thing experience :p It's an ichy thing when they succumb to their natural instincts... female gorillas do the same :(

TrueWolf123 responds:

First time for everything, right? xD


2013-10-31 04:57:31

That's where I'm living right now. Not too happy about it.

TrueWolf123 responds: